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How well can you play catch? How quickly can you handle the baseball? Do you have a quick transfer from glove to hand? Join The Velo Hero Catch Competition by using the Playfinity Gaming Baseball.
This baseball has a micro chip that measures 5 metrics in 60 seconds and gives you points for quickness, accuracy and distance. It also comes with an app to download on your phone and gives you an immediate score. See where you stand world wide at the end of each game. Challenge your friends to a competition!

The competition is conducted in pairs of the same age. Many indoor facilities will run this competition and attach it to a camp, membership or school.

If you cant find a facility near you and want to participate sign-up on our website!
You will need to purchase the Playfinity Gaming Baseball on our link on our website.
The ball is good for 48,000 throws and weighs the same as a regular baseball. A fun competition, a fun product, all while your improving your throwing skills.

The Velo Hero will provide awards for the top pairs by age at each facility. We will also provide awards for the top scores if you sign-up for the contest on our website.
National Champion trophies will also be presented to the top scores.

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