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The Velo Hero Exit Velocity Competition

Become a National Champion or Facility Champion by recording your exit velocity off of a tee. The Contest is being conducted at various Indoor Hitting Facilities across the USA from Nov-March. It will be attached to a camp, membership or winter hitting school at these facilities. All facilities participating in the contest will be listed on our website.

Awards are given to the top scores in each age group at each facility.
A National Champion Trophy is awarded to the top score in the country at each age group.
Check our website for pictures of our past winners!

A National Leaderboard is kept on our website so you can see where your score ranks with other participants. It is updated at the end of each month.

If a facility near you is not participating in The Velo Hero contest you can still sign-up on our website. Proof of your score will need to be submitted and validated. For example maybe you attended a showcase or another camp where they measured your exit velocity. Or possibly your taking individual lessons and your instructor can verify your score off of a batting tee.
Hit Trax, Rapsodo, Pocket Radar or a Radar Gun readings are all accepted.

We will also be conducting a summer competition at camps across the country.
Stay tuned for that list next spring.

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