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Dr. Joseph LaPlaca - ares elite sports vision

Enhancing Athlete Performance: The Power of Vision Training Athletic success hinges on pushing the boundaries of human performance. In a captivating podcast episode, host Todd Morrissey interviews Dr. Joseph LaPlaca, founder of Ares Elite Sports Vision, and Dave Schrage, founder of The Velo Hero, to discuss the transformative potential of vision training for athletes. In this blog post, we'll explore their conversation and delve into the significance of vision training in sports.

Vision's Role in Athletics: Athletes often experience issues like slow reactions and poor coordination, symptoms of underlying vision problems. Dr. LaPlaca's Ares Elite Sports Vision, founded in 2018, addresses this by using cutting-edge technology to boost an athlete's vision and overall performance.

Notable Collaborations: Ares Elite Sports Vision's impressive collaborations with major sports leagues (NHL, NFL, NBA, and more) affirm their expertise in sports vision enhancement.

The Velo Hero and Dave Schrage: Dave Schrage, founder of The Velo Hero, brings a unique perspective to the conversation, showcasing vision training's applicability across various sports.

Benefits of Vision Training: Vision training provides numerous benefits, including improved reaction times, eye-hand coordination, focus, and stress reduction. It's a game-changer in enhancing an athlete's performance.

In sports, every advantage is crucial. This podcast episode emphasizes the importance of vision training in unlocking an athlete's full potential. Ares Elite Sports Vision is leading the charge in transforming vision care for athletes, offering a new dimension to their performance. Recognize the potential of vision training; it could be the edge you need to outshine the competition. LINK TO PODCAST

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