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Innovating the Baseball World: A Conversation with DAN JEWETT OF Homewood Bat Co. on The Velo Hero Podcast

In the latest episode of The Velo Hero Podcast, host Todd Morrissey and co-host Dave Schrage sit down with Dan Jewett, Sales Director at Homewood Bat Co., for an insightful conversation on innovation and excellence in the baseball industry. The episode delves into the journey of Homewood Bat Co., a professional wood bat company based in the south suburbs of Chicago in Homewood, IL since its inception in 2015.

Homewood Bat Co.'s Commitment to Innovation: Homewood Bat Co. has carved a niche for itself by not only serving professional players but actively involving them in the bat design process. The company's commitment to innovation is evident as they tailor their bats to meet the specific needs and preferences of professional athletes. This dedication allows Homewood Bat Co. to make quick adjustments, ensuring players can get their bats back on the field promptly.

Collaboration with Professional and Youth Players: One of the highlights of the episode is the discussion around Homewood Bat Co.'s collaboration with both professional and amateur players. The company's journey has expanded beyond catering solely to professional athletes, as they now work with amateurs who seek high-quality, professional-grade bats.

Exclusive Discount for The Velo Hero Contest Participants: As a special treat for listeners, Homewood Bat Co. is offering an exclusive discount code for anyone who signs up for The Velo Hero Contest. This unique opportunity allows baseball enthusiasts to get their hands on top-notch bats at a discounted price, bringing professional-level equipment to players of all skill levels.

Featured Collaboration with Bobby Witt Jr.: The podcast also reveals a recent collaboration between Homewood Bat Co. and Bobby Witt Jr., the superstar shortstop of the Kansas City Royals. As one of the top 5 Major League Baseball players and a member of the exclusive 30/30 club, Witt's partnership with Homewood Bat Co. speaks volumes about the company's reputation for delivering exceptional quality. Homewood Bat Co.'s journey from its founding in 2015 to collaborating with top-tier professionals like Bobby Witt Jr. reflects their dedication to providing outstanding products to the baseball world. As you check out The Velo Hero Podcast, you'll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the conversation with Todd Morrissey, Dave Schrage, and Dan Jewett. Discover the advantages of choosing a Homewood Bat, whether you're a professional athlete or an amateur player looking for high-quality equipment.

To explore further and get your hands on a Homewood Bat, we encourage you to visit Homewood Bat Co.'s website. There, you can browse their impressive range of professional wood bats, learn more about their innovative design process, and take advantage of the exclusive discount code for The Velo Hero Contest participants. Don't miss the chance to elevate your game with a Homewood Bat—sign up today for The Velo Hero Contest and unlock the opportunity to bring professional-level equipment to your baseball journey.


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