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Unveiling the Power of Partnership: Ares Elite Sports Vision & the Velo Hero's Visionary Approach to Athletic Excellence!

Hello, Athletes and Visionaries!

We're thrilled to reintroduce a dynamic partnership that's set to redefine athletic excellence – Ares Elite Sports Vision (AESV) and The Velo Hero. Our innovative vision and neurocognitive training programs, meticulously crafted by optometrists, offer a unique opportunity for athletes, especially baseball and softball players, to sharpen their skills and unlock their true potential.

Ares Elite Sports Vision and Ares Elite Academy:

"Elevate your performance with Ares Elite Sports Vision! Our cutting-edge vision and neurocognitive training programs are expertly designed by optometrists to enhance your athletic performance. Whether you're on the field, at home, or on the go, experience the future of sports training. Sharpen your focus, reaction time, and decision-making skills – join the elite, see the difference, be the difference!"

How AESV Benefits Baseball and Softball Players:

  1. Visual Acuity for Hitting: Baseball and softball players rely heavily on visual acuity for hitting. AESV's specialized programs enhance depth perception and eye-hand coordination, directly impacting your ability to connect with the ball.

  2. Reaction Time and Fielding Skills: Improve your reaction time and fielding skills through neurocognitive training. Swift decision-making is crucial in the fast-paced environment of these sports, and AESV is tailored to hone these essential skills.

  3. MLB Players and Vision Training: Major League Baseball (MLB) players recognize the importance of vision training. Many professional athletes incorporate vision training into their routines to gain a competitive edge. AESV brings these proven techniques to athletes of all levels.

AESV Academy – Drills Tailored for Success:

AESV Academy, our virtual program, goes beyond traditional training. It offers advanced vision drills, strobe glasses training, and virtual reality applications, including NeuroTrainer. Designed for all athletes, this program provides a convenient and effective way to enhance your performance from anywhere.

Optometry Education: Know Your Vision, Boost Your Performance:

Understanding essential optometry terms is vital for athletes. AESV educates you on terms such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, empowering you to take control of your visual performance.

Dr. LaPlaca's Success at the American Baseball Coaches Association Conference:

We're proud to share that Dr. LaPlaca was invited to speak at the ABCA Conference 2024 about Vision, Cognition, and their profound effects on athletes. The session was a tremendous success, highlighting the importance of vision training in athletic excellence. You can check out more on the ABCA here.

Check out the pictures below from his speech:

Connect with Ares Elite Sports Vision:

Unleash your potential with Ares Elite Sports Vision – where vision meets victory!

Best Regards,

The Velo Hero

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