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Velo Education

Lean more about why Exit Velocity is becoming one of the most important metrics in modern day sports science.

the difference

Click the yellow button to see for yourself - What the difference of 3.9 exit velocity can do > by @JomBoy_

Is Exit Velocity Important?

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With so much talk about exit velocity these days, it's hard to know if this is really something we should be concerned with. This video goes over the data as it relates to exit velocity and the correlation with slugging percentage.  LEARN MORE...

Age and Velocity

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So you wanna learn how to increase your exit-velo and see what a good exit-velo by age looks like?

This is good because exit-velo is important. Why? Because what gets measured gets managed.


11 Tips for Increasing Exit Velocity

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Although we never make any outrageous “10 MPH in one day” guarantees, if there was one showcase test that has the most potential for minor changes to lead to big results, it’s the exit velocity test. Here’s Will’s Day 1 progress with increasing his exit velocity. LEARN MORE...

The Importance of Exit Velocity

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The production of new data by means of new recording technology is exciting — and the more data we get, the better we can become at analyzing said data. We have come a long way since PITCHf/x was made available, but we still have much more to learn. LEARN MORE...

Exit Velocity Hit Probability


Hit probabilities broken down by exit velocity and launch angle.


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How This High-Tech Batting Cage Is Getting Kids Involved In STEM

The team at SAS is hoping to get more kids involved in STEM by incorporating data with their Batting Lab, where kids get a new understanding of science, technology, engineering and math through baseball and softball. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY.


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The Ball Coach™ radar has a lot of technology specifically designed to pick up the speed of the ball as it leaves the bat. This gives you the only direct measure of the power of a hit. 


Measure Exit Velocity Off a Tee

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If you’re a baseball or softball player, chances are you’ve heard the words exit velocity more than a few times throughout your career. 


What Is Exit Velocity And How To Increase It

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We talk about bat speed as well as the baseball’s exit velocity extensively in our articles. If you are a position player and want to play college or professional baseball, hitting is a MUST!


Hitting Exit Velocity: What is it and Why Does it Matter?

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Division I corner outfield recruits are usually outstanding hitters. Some corner outfield recruits will hit for power, others will hit for average and steal a lot of bases. Qualities in a hitter’s swing that Division I coaches will look for are: bat speed, a short, compact stroke, and balance with the ability to hit all kinds of pitches. 


Baseball Player Important Evaluations

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